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Heirloom Quality Gifts from the Heart

How We Started and Who We've Become... (Hahr-moh-nee-uh) was established 20 years ago with the sole purpose of creating special, heirloom quality gifts for family and friends. Over the years, people began requesting we manufacture more because our keepsake boxes were so beloved. Now its creator, Stephen Spanos, is growing the company so even more people may enjoy these special treasures and he will be creating more versions for people of faith.

"Our new 'Christ is Risen' music box is so close to my heart;

our mission is to bring it close to the hearts of as many others as we can".

With Love and Peace,

     - Stephen Spanos

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We always try our best to create innovative products that are symbolic, and have deep meaning. Our designs and dulcet tones are created for the mind, body and soul. We are rich in culture and heritage, and consider our customer at the paramount of importance. 

We look forward to working with you, and wish all of those who visit us the best in life, and your pursuits. May you always live in Harmonia with one another.

"Christ is Risen" Hymn
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