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The Double-Headed eagle is one of the most recognizable symbols of Orthodoxy today and is prevailed as the official state symbol of the Byzantine Empire.


The heads of the eagle represent the dual sovereignty of the Emperor: the left head faces west to represent Rome, while the right head faces east to represent Constantinople. The orb and the sword represents spiritual and secular authority respectively.


This unique arrangement combines the historical legacy of Byzantium with the spirituality of the Orthodox faith. The powerful image transcends the ages to define 21st Century Christian Orthodox value - depicted with the cross on the eagle’s breast.


Measures approximately:

5.5” x 4.75” x 3”

Weight: 14 ounces


Double Headed Eagle Treasure Box

  • Your treasure box does not require any particular maintenance; you may wipe with a soft dry cloth. Do not to use any cleaning materials as it may harm the finish. Treated gently and given a bit of care, they can be an enjoyment for years to come.

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    We stand behind everything we sell. Simply tell us your concerns and we will resolve the issue. We offer a 60 day product return policy with full refund of purchase price, and return shipping cost.


    We want you to be happy!

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